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Mutability and immutability in Python (and in other programming languages), that variables can change (mutable) or not (immutable). Can’t the content of any variable change, unless they are “final” (this is more from Java)? Yes, “final” means that the variable will be a constant and will never change during the execution of the program code. Actually the value of the variables “underneath” change some yes and others not although it seems that they really change.

When we declare a variable (in the following image “my_variable”) in Python (or any other programming language) a variable is created in memory at a memory address (in the image it will be stored at the memory address “id: 0”). If we then assign to it (the variable is a cursor or pointer that “will point to the memory address of its value”) a mutable value, which for this example will be a text (String, in the image “something, something else”) and will be created in another memory location (in the image at memory address “id: 1”); then the previous variable will point to the mutable object that contains its value.

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La conversión a un entero sólo funciona si la entrada comienza con un número(int) “5txt” // dará como resultado el entero 5(int) “before5txt” // dará como resultado el entero 0(int) “53txt” // dará como resultado el entero 53(int) “53txt534text” // dará como resultado el entero 53

Por favor, tenga en cuenta también que el máximo almacenado en el entero depende de la plataforma / compilación; en windows xp 32 bits, el siguiente valor:0x5468792130ABCDEfunciona como:6.0822444802213E+18 (cast to float)En un sistema de 64 bits, funciona como:6082244480221302255

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To perform aggregate operations, enable statistics in the record bucket, and then use the Record Statistics page. You can also use the Record Explorer to view records in statistics-enabled buckets. For more information, see the Log Statistics overview.

After reviewing your query, click Run Query. The records that match your query are listed in the Query Results pane. The Histogram and Record Fields panes also adjust according to the query expression.

The Record Fields pane provides a high-level summary of the record data and provides a more efficient way to better define a query. It shows the record entries broken down by different dimensions, which correspond to the fields in these entries. For each field, the Record Fields pane displays the values and their occurrence in descending frequency order. The log field counts correspond to the time interval in the time interval selector.

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PHP is a language with a strong Anglo-Saxon influence due to its origins and development. But when we are creating web pages it is frequent that we want to obtain dates expressed in the language with which we are developing the web. We are going to study how to do it.

In this course we are going to limit ourselves to study and see an example of use to display dates using the php function strftime that we will study next combined with the use of setlocale with LC_TIME. The use of setlocale can have side effects (affect other processes) so we recommend not to use it without extensive testing to verify the expected response.

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The country codes depend on the operating system you are working with. The setLocale function allows you to enter a list of country codes in the hope that some of them will be recognized by the system (which already speaks of the difficulties encountered in performing this type of operation).

(*) Note that not all codes will work, as it depends on the server we are working with whether they are recognized or not. We recommend using es_ES.UTF-8. There are more codes other than those listed here.

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