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Python editor bindings works with an API that connects through the C++ implementation of the Editor, using the Lumberyard event bus (Ebus) of to send messages between scripts and the editor. This reference covers the use of the Editor Bindings API to perform tasks such as interacting with components, entities, and properties. Content

Occasionally, a script will need to introduce a delay in actions to be performed in the editor while another action, such as loading a level, is completed. Instead of using Python’s built-in delay methods, use these editor binding APIs.

Component properties can be accessed and modified using a string that indicates a direct path to a property value. The vertical bar character | is used as a separator between property path elements.

To access this API, a script needs access to an instance of the property tree editor. This object accesses the properties of a component, in the style of the property edit view within the editor. Properties are accessed starting from the root of the component and follow the tag string until a property value is found.

Passing state between react components

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Setstate() , react

So far, we have measured time in milliseconds and used delay to time things, so we used a delay of about 250 ms for the blinking LED to turn on and off, quietly.

The problem with the delay () is that it freezes the Arduino for the specified time. As long as it’s not too much, well, we can accept it, but imagine we want to do LED blinking for a traffic light, where the timeouts range from say 30 seconds to 1 minute.

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We can ask it to do a delay of 60 seconds * 1,000 = 60,000 millis, but of course this means that we will not be able to do anything else until a minute has passed, or see if a button is pressed, or refresh a screen with the remaining time of the traffic light.

So it doesn’t seem like a very good idea to use delays in many situations. It’s not uncommon for us to want to schedule periodic tasks on our Arduinos in ranges from a few microseconds to several minutes, but we want to do it in a way that we can keep working in the meantime.

Componentdidmount react

Here is a simple example where page views are tracked. Each time a page is visible, the trigger event is fired and sends the pageview data to a defined URL along with a random ID.

When specifying the configuration data, you can either insert it or you can specify a URL in the config attribute to be collected remotely. In addition, in the case of the most popular analytics providers, the integrated configuration can be selected via the type attribute.

The configuration rewrite feature allows analytics providers to dynamically rewrite the configuration provided to them. It is similar to the remote configuration function, but also includes any configuration provided by the user in the request to the server. At the moment, only analytics vendors can enable this feature.

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The runtime environment sends a request containing the integrated configuration, combined with the provided remote configuration, to the configRewriter connection point specified by the vendor. The provider uses this data server to create and return a rewritten configuration.

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