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We also have a form field of type button, which serves in this case to indicate that when it is pressed the function validateForm() will be called. To indicate this we use the onclick attribute of the button field and between quotation marks we can see what we want to execute, in this case the indicated function.

This function extracts the data from the text field and passes it to the validateString() function, which will return a value that we will have to place again in the text field. To access the form we use the hierarchy of browser objects, which for those who do not know, is a set of objects that refer to all the elements of the page.

All the text fields have a value property that is where the text written inside is stored. So if we want to access to what the text field has written we will write this:

How to know if a number is an integer in javascript

Dynamic rendering requires your web server to detect crawlers (for example, by checking the user-agent). Requests from crawlers are redirected to a processor and requests from users are served in the usual way. When necessary, the dynamic processor serves a version of the content suitable for the crawler, such as a static HTML version. You can choose to enable dynamic rendering on all pages or on a per-page basis.

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The practice of using dynamic rendering to serve completely different content to users and trackers can be considered cloaking; for example, if you serve a page about cats to users and a page about dogs to trackers.

error What caused the problem: it could be that your processor is misconfigured or that your web application is incompatible with your rendering tool. Sometimes content is not rendered correctly because it times out.

error What caused the problem: When using a non-graphical browser to render pages on demand, response times are often high, which can cause crawlers to cancel the request and not index your content. If your server takes a long time to respond, crawlers may crawl and index your content less frequently.

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modifyVars enables modification of LESS variables at runtime. When executed by specifying new values, the LESS file is recompiled without having to reload the page. A simple example would be the following:

Being a CSS extension, LESS is not only backward compatible with CSS, but provides extra features using CSS syntax. This makes learning LESS very easy, and if in doubt, you can always fall back on CSS.

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Parameters can be separated by semicolons or commas. The use of semicolons is recommended. The comma has a double meaning: it can be interpreted as the separator of the parameters of a mixin or the separator of the elements of a css list.

Using the comma as the mixin separator would prevent using a comma-separated list as an argument. On the other hand, when the compiler sees at least one semicolon inside the mixin call, it assumes that the arguments will be separated by semicolons and all commas belong to css lists:

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A tag already exists with the provided branch name. Many Git commands accept both tag and branch names, so creating this branch may cause unexpected behavior. Are you sure you want to create this branch?

In the second loop, the variable i was declared using the reserved word let: variables declared with the reserved word let (and const) have a block scope (a block is what is between {}). During each iteration, i will have a new value, and each value is inside the loop.

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With arrow functions, the this keyword refers to their current scope, unlike regular functions. This means that when we call “perimeter”, it does not refer to the object itself, but to its surrounding scope (window for example).

What JS does here is register the object because we just created an empty object in the global object. When we mistakenly write greeting as greetign, the JS interpreter sees this as global.greetign = {} (or window.greetign = {} in a browser).

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